How Our High School Program Works

Heritage Western High School provides a free online high school diploma program that can be taken at the pace desired by the individual. There are no fees to enroll in or while taking the entire course. This high school program is designed to be finished in a short amount of time and entirely online.

After a student has successfully completed the free high school diploma online program, they will then be eligible to order their diploma package. The new graduate will need to provide general information at this time in our secure admin as well as shipping details if they are interested in purchasing our honorary high school diploma graduation package. Once these steps are finished, our online high school counselors will review the test scores before confirming to the student that their diploma package is ready for shipment. When all requirements are complete, our staff will notify the graduate of their pending high school diploma package they will be receiving shortly.

Our online high school offers a unique testing plaform which includes a free, comprehensive study guide that students can access to understand each of the core sections of exam. Students have the opportunity to either select to use the study guide or not. In addition to our study guide, the high school diploma class can be accessed at any time and is designed to be taken at the desired pace of each student. Verification services are offered for free to graduates of our online high school who purchase their diploma package. This service affords colleges, trade schools, education organizations and places of employment, the ability to verify that an individual has passed our examination. Get started today with our at home high school diploma online classes and be on your way to a higher education!